GPS Business News are the State of the Map’s Media Partners

Its great to welcome GPS Business News as official media sponsors of the State of the Map 2009. They’ll be covering the 3 days of talks, workshops and mapping discussions through their blog and video casts.

GPS Business News is a great source of news and commentary on the geo industry, covering the markets and business around navigation, tracking and all things geo. The people who read GPS Business News are working for companies like TomTom, Navteq, Garmin, Sirf and so on. Its a tribute to the hard work of OSMers that the established geo industry are taking a real interest in our work. Come along to the Pro Users’ Day to talk to some of the commercial, governmental and non-governmental organizations who are using OSM.

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The #GeoMob OpenStreetMap Application Challenge

If you are a start-up or small business that is building applications or services on top of OpenStreetMap, the #GeoMob OpenStreetMap Application Challenge is the competition for you.

On Friday 10th July at the State of the Map, some of the hottest location based start-ups will be competing in a rapid-fire pitch-off that’s sure to stun and amaze the crowd. Here’s the lowdown on two of the entrants:

mapme.at lets you save and display you share places you visited on holiday, the path you ran in a marathon or any of geo information with your friends. The app gives users a large number of ways to update their location, including iPhone apps and email. mapme.at also provides an API that lets developer build applications that make use of mapme.at’s unique geo-tracking capabilities.

OffMaps let’s you take your maps offline. It is the ideal companion for any iPhone and iPod Touch user, who wants to access maps when travelling abroad (and avoid data roaming charges) and who wants to have fast access to maps at all times. This app (and the icon) just has to be on the right hand side of Apple’s built-in maps app.

To enter your start-up, project or small business into the challenge and win the respect of the OpenStreetMap community, fill out this form.

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Programme Announced for the State of the Map 2009

The long awaited programme for the State of the Map 2009 is now available here.  

For the first time this year, the first day of the State of the Map will focus on the emerging professional users of OpenStreetMap.  The last 12 months has seen a huge increase in the professional adoption of OpenStreetMap.  The State of the Map will feature presentations from GeoFabrik, ITO World, Traveline and CloudMade – some of the companies who are pioneering the commercial use of OpenStreetMap data.

The day will start with a keynote talk from geo-industry veteran, former Intergraph CTO and Spatial Networking Founder, Peter Batty. Peter’s talk will take a bird’s eye view of the entire geo industry, critically examining the role that crowd sourced geo data has to play.

The day will wrap up with the “OpenStreetMap-App Challenge” – a quickfire session hosted by #GeoMob in which 15 start-ups or small businesses will have the chance to pitch their company to the OSM crowd. If you’re a small business who wants to take part, you can apply here. You can find more about the “Pro-Users'” day, here

Some speaking slots at the business day are still available – to find out more, email Nick.

Three day tickets, including lunch, refreshments and t-shirts start from €90 for OSM community and Foundation members. Tickets are going fast – don’t leave it until too late to register!

Register Now!

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A New Logo for the State of the Map

We have a winner!


The logo for this year’s State of the Map was designed by Sofiya Merkulova and was chosen from over 35 designs. The SOTM09 organizing committee felt that Sofia’s design was powerful, fun and conveyed the global nature of OpenStreetMap and SOTM09.

The organizing committee’s congratulations go to Sofia and our thanks go to all of the competition entrants. It was not an easy choice to make, but we’ve now got a great logo for a conference that is shaping up to be the best State of the Map yet.

The logos are available under a Creative Commons Licence. You can download a bundle that includes different resolutions and greyscale versions here.

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Call for Presentations for the StateoftheMap 2009 is now open

What are the burning OpenStreetMap issues that you want to talk about? Have you been working on the next killer OpenStreetMap application? Have you been promoting mapping and opengeodata, holding mapping parties and tirelessly mapping in the sun, rain, wind and snow?

The call for presentations for the third international StateoftheMap conference is now open. The OpenStreetMap Foundation invite contributions from mappers, geo-hackers and open geodata supporters around the world. If you are involved in OpenStreetMap mapping, coding or community organization – or if you want the chance to present your ideas or opinions to the OpenStreetMap community, you should submit a presentation proposal to the StateoftheMap 2009. (more…)

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